Terms and conditions

Images may be used by any channel or media under the following terms and conditions:
1. Images must be reproduced in their entirety. They cannot be modified.
2. The references that identify each image must be visible: location, photo title and its Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board’s Image Archive reference number.
3. Images may not be sold nor included in publications intended for sale or in services that require subscription or payment to access.
4. Terms and conditions or technical limitations other than those established herein may not be imposed when sharing the images.
5. Obtaining these images from the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board does not imply its support for those who use them. No statements in this regard may be made, except with prior written permission from the Board.
6. Any use of the images different from that authorised in these terms and conditions requires prior written consent from the Board. The Board owns the rights to this website and the database consisting of the images in the archive and their related information.